Recorded to Old House Studio and engineered/mixed by Chris Garges, Long Way Home features tracks that touch on inspiration across the spectrum of country music. From the barn burner "Moultrie" to "Boots on the Ground", reminiscnent of the Avett Bros, to the country soul of "Down In Savannah, Long Way Home is MM's finest display of songwriting to date. Featuring his band The Highbinders along with some of Charlotte's finest musicians (Jason Atkins, Taylor Dean, Anna Stadlman, Chase KIllough, and more), Long Way Home is sure to be one of the top releases of 2018.

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Recorded with Maurice "Mo" Brines at his super secret studio in Concord, NC, "Concord Anthems" is a full length record largely inspired by MM's move from West Harlem, NYC to Concord, NC. With each track, not the least of which "Southern Man", you can feel just how deeply this move affected MM in his outlood both on life and music. The full length features the talents of Forrest Brown (bass), Melissa Benfield Adams (fiddle), HL Ruth (banjo, dobro, pedal steel - The New Familiars) & Matt Minchew (guitar, vocal).

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Recorded at Elegbaland Studios in Lake Worth, FL, and produced by Vagrant Record's recording artist John Ralston,  "Something More" features six tracks which clearly display MM's varied influences and chameleon like writing with hints of Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, Dashboard Confessional, Ben Folds & Hot Rod Circuit. The EP features the talents of Susan Sherhouse (violin - Dashboard Confessional), Chris Wood (lead guitar), Ryan Weidenfeld (drums), Mike Coss (bass), Catlin Snow (vocals), Angela Ugolini (vocals), James Rovezzi (piano), John Ralston (synth pad, percussion - Dashboard Confessional), & Matt Minchew (acoustic guitar, vocal, piano). 

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Recorded in a friend's home studio in Delray Beach, FL (before everyone had a home studio), "On the Verge of Something More" features 14 songs penned when Matt was 16 and 17 years old. These songs represent the various highs and lows that accompany a boy's transition from adolescence to adulthood.  While several of the songs have held up and maintain a place in his set (title track, "Perks of Being a Wallflower", "800 Miles"), some of the tracks have only grown more cringey with time (and no, we won't list them). That said, Matt has long planned on rerecording a handful of this teenage anthems for a 20th Anniversary release in 2023!


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